Moez Hadj Kacem

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The electric vehicle (Ve) is struck by their low autonomy. To remedy this problem, we opted for the choice of a converter structure in electromagnetic switch, since it has no power dissipation in switching and conduction. The development of a control law of motorization continues saving energy and its implementation under the environment of MATLAB /(More)
Several human visual system (HVS) based quality metrics have been developed in recent years to measure the quality distortions caused by digital image coding techniques. Because of the complicated nature of the HVS characteristics, these metrics do not provide acceptable correlation with perceptual evaluations of the distortion. Recent studies by the Visual(More)
Abstract— In this paper, we describe a method of systemic design of electric vehicles (EVs) power chain, reducing the cost of production and the energy consumption. This method rests on the choice of the structure and the components of this chain. For this purpose, we have selected a modular structure of a synchronous engine with permanent magnets and axial(More)
In this paper, we present a comparative study of two channels of a power Electric Vehicle, one in IGBTs and other electromagnetic switches (IEs) in the most efficient order to select the point of view of economy energy and production costs. In this context, a model of the total losses of the two power lines is established to set; the most economical chain(More)
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