Moenes Iskarous

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The purpose of this paper is to present our design philosophy for service robotics research and development and to describe our current efforts along this line. Our approach begins with a discussion of the role of service robotics and some features that are unique to them. We then describe our design philosophy that emphasizes compromise and practicality in(More)
|We argue that intelligence is necessary in robots used for rehabilitation in order to reduce the amount of mental activity needed by the user of these robots. With this in mind, the areas of research relevant to imparting robotic systems with the capability of assuming a more intelligent role are identi ed. We describe our implementation of functionalities(More)
Analyzing the performance and power of Mobile Internet Devices (MID) is important for academia and industry as well as for consumers. It is important to assess the performance associated with a typical workload on MIDs so that applications and hardware can be optimized to reduce performance bottlenecks. In this paper, we present TMAPP, a benchmark developed(More)
This paper describes a transputer-based parallel controller that was developed in the Center for Intelligent Systems at Vanderbilt University to control the Soft Arm robot. The Soft Arm robot is used in a robotic aid system, called ISAC, for the physically challenged. The controller uses a network of T800 transputers as the parallel processing nodes. The(More)
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