Moein Esghaei

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The local field potential (LFP) has recently been widely used in brain computer interfaces (BCI). Here we used power of LFP recorded from area MT of a macaque monkey to decode where the animal covertly attended. Support vector machines (SVM) were used to learn the pattern of power at different frequencies for attention to two possible positions. We found(More)
Local field potentials (LFPs) in cortex reflect synchronous fluctuations in the synaptic activity of local populations of neurons. The power of high frequency (>30 Hz) oscillations in LFPs is locked to the phase of low frequency (<30 Hz) oscillations, an effect known as phase-amplitude coupling (PAC). While PAC has been observed in a variety of cortical(More)
Neural oscillations are related to a wide variety of cognitive functions, including attention. However, there is still a controversy over the frequency bands that have functional roles in attention. In this study, using a spatial attention task we found that phase of low frequency oscillations could predict the reaction time of the monkey, when the monkey(More)
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