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In pattern recognition systems it is usually necessary to detect different image details, like edges, lines, corners, blobs, etc. For this purpose a bank of special filters, matching each individual detail can be used. As the details usually are oriented in different directions and have different scales, the image processing leads to many convolution(More)
In this paper, the use of the palm vein pattern for biometrics is discussed. To obtain pictures of blood vessels, two methods of infrared imaging -- reflection and transmission are investigated. Basic image processing methods for extraction of vein structure are discussed. Complex matched filtering result provides matching intensity vectors that are used to(More)
The paper discusses the problem of processing short-time pulse sequences. Since the spectrum of such signals occupies wide range, it is difficult to sample them at the Nyquist rate. Instead, the approach used for processing signals with finite rate of innovation is employed – sequence of pulses is filtered with low-pass or band-pass filter before sampling.(More)
This paper presents an FPGA based multimodal palm biometric system. System is prototyped on an Altera DE2-115 board from Terasic, using an additional hardware for palm image acquisition in twol ight spectrums, communication with smart card, and debugging. System captures person'spalmprint and palm vein images, extracts biometric data, encrypts it, and(More)