Modjtaba Salehi

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Compact zero-mass pulsatile jet actuators are proposed for low speed maneuvering and station keeping of small underwater vehicles. The flow field of such jets are initially dominated by vortex ring formation. Prototypes of such actuators are built and tested. The current actuator design has a mechanical plunger system to generate pulsatile jets, whose(More)
The flow of motor proteins on a filamental track is modelled within the the framework of lattice driven diffusive systems. Motors, considered as hopping particles, perform a highly biased asymmetric exclusion process when bound to the filament. With a certain rate, they detach from the filament and execute unbiased random walk in the bulk which is(More)
This paper presents a finite element method for predicting magnetic field above ground, generated by an underground SF6 insulated cable. First, with the aid of Ansys software the magnetic field in underground SF6 insulated high voltage cables under and above ground is computed and then, currents and losses in the shields of the cables are computed. The(More)
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