Modesto Orea Solano

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BACKGROUND Atopic dermatitis is a skin inflammatory disease, which is associated to high levels of IgE, eosinophiles and change of T lymphocytes. OBJECTIVE To determine if the treatment with transfer factor for moderate atopic dermatitis decreases the number of inflammatory cells in the peripheral blood. MATERIAL AND METHODS We selected twenty patients(More)
BACKGROUND The continuous exposure to high levels of environmental allergens, as dust mite, gets worse the reactivity of the airways as mentioned in previous studies. In other international studies, it has been determined the levels of house dust mite antigen needed to sensitize asthmatic patients, but few studies in Mexico have measured the concentration(More)
Superantigens are a group of molecules produced by bacteria, viruses and parasites that stimulate T lymphocytes in a very potent way. They join the TCR-HLA complex from the outside, not through the classical peptide-bound mechanism, so that they can easily trigger the citokyne production network and produce tissue damage, they can also lead to clonal anergy(More)
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