Mochan Shrestha

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Scenes are composed of numerous objects, textures and colors which are arranged in a variety of spatial layouts. This presents the question of how visual complexity is represented by a cognitive system. In this paper, we aim to study the representation of visual complexity for real-world scene images. Is visual complexity a perceptual property simple enough(More)
In data storage systems, it is crucial to protect data from loss due to failures. Erasure codes lay the foundation of this protection, enabling systems to reconstruct lost data when components fail. Erasure codes can, however, impose significant performance overhead in two core operations: encoding, where parity is calculated from newly written data, and(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new approach of database integration, through the use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML). We also demonstrate the applicability, through an experiment with an XML subset we call BSML (Bookstore Markup Language) that integrates heterogeneous bookstore databases. BSML addresses a valid problem associated with(More)
Flash memory is emerging as an enabling technology rapidly changing the landscape of storage systems via its many desirable properties such as low power consumption and high random I/O throughput. However, due to its physical characteristics, flash cells have limited erase (program) cycles. To increase endurance and reliability, flash memory based devices(More)
Write ampli€cation is an undesirable phenomenon with ƒash memory based SSDs, which not only reduces endurance of ƒash memory, but also imposes write performance penalty on SSDs. Œis paper discusses how to eliminate or reduce the write ampli€cation of SSD interface presenting ƒash memory as a linear array of updatable sectors so that SSD’s performance and(More)
Flash memory is a non-volatile, non-mechanical data storage technology that stores data by trapping charge and can be reused by freeing the trapped charge with an internal erase operation. When flash memory cells are erased, there is a considerable negative impact on the longevity and performance of the device. To defer and minimize these erasures, a(More)
Generalized Reed Solomon (GRS) codes are widely used for reliability applications in computer systems like data storage and communications and thus, efficiency in encoding and decoding of GRS codes is very important for system performance. Though GRS codes provide enormous flexibility, they are computationally expensive since calculations happen in Galois(More)
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