Mochamad Ibrahim

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Data products (macrodata or tabular data and microdat a or raw data records), are designed to inform public or bus iness policy, and research or public information. Securi ng these products against unauthorized acces ses has been a long-term goal of the database security research comm unity and the government statistical agencies. Solutions t o this problem(More)
This paper describes the research and development work being done at the AEP Service Corp. on digital computer applications in EHV substations. Relaying of transmission lines and other power system equipment, station alarm monitoring and data logging, oscillography, and supervisory control functions are considered for possible computer implementation. A new(More)
The paper derives the performance equation of a high speed distance relay which is based upon the theory of symmetrical components. A single equation is shown to be adequate for handling all types of faults which are likely to occur on a three-phase power system. Errors created by system loading and fault-path resistance are considered. A numerical example(More)
This paper describes the field tests of a microcomputer based Symmetrical Component Distance Relay (SCDR). A brief review of the relay operating principle is followed by a description of the field tests conducted by staging faults on a 765 kV transmission line on the AEP system. Performance of SCDR during these tests is analyzed. A newly developed(More)
In this paper, we present our approach for predicting the results of Indonesian Presidential Election using Twitter as our main resource. We explore the possibility of easy-togather Twitter data to be utilized as a survey supporting tool to understand public opinion. First, we collected Twitter data during the campaign period. Second, we performed automatic(More)
In this paper we describe our submission to the TREC2011 MicroblogTrack. Our run combines different methods namely customized scoring function, query reformulation, and query expansion. We apply query expansion from dataset with different weighting scheme. Furthermore, we do an initial experiment to incorporate timestamp of the tweet document in order to(More)
Association rule mining is one of the most used techniques of data mining that are utilized to extract the association rules from large databases. Association rules are one of the most significant assets of any organization that can be used for business growth and profitability increase. It contains sensitive information that threatens the privacy of its(More)
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