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Importance of knowledge sharing in Knowledge Management can be denoted as a blood circulating in the body. Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) is one of the social science theories which are vastly used to understand human behavior and is also considered as a strong base to understand knowledge sharing behavior. Hence this study will use the same theory to(More)
Knowledge sharing is the key to successful implementation of knowledge management. This is the reasons that why over the year's researchers have focused on various aspects of knowledge sharing. This paper reviews the important factors so far discussed by various authors in their studies and considered them very crucial for knowledge sharing. Besides(More)
Knowledge sharing is important for Software Engineers because software is purely based on individual's knowledge and one of the sources to learn new knowledge is through sharing. Although Software Engineering is a growing field, however research done in this profession is still not mature. One of the areas, which have not been thoroughly investigated in(More)
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