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Background: Consanguinity has been a long-standing social habit among Egyptians. Estimates of consanguinity ratios in different parts of Egypt ranged from 29 to 50%. This study aimed at delineating the role of consanguinity and advanced maternal age on reproductive losses in Alexandria, Egypt. Methods: A case-control study, on 730 couples with history of(More)
We aimed to determine the prevalence and intensity of infection of heterophyiasis among inhabitants of El-Meaddeya, Egypt. A cross-sectional stool examination survey was performed on 430 randomly chosen households, comprising 2219 individuals. The overall prevalence of parasitic infection was 84.7%. Ascariosis was the most common (67.6%), followed by(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence of acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) among 250 personnel serving in a Hajj medical mission, Al-Hada and Taif Armed Forces Hospitals, during the 2005 season and to determine the effectiveness of protective measures, including influenza vaccination, for these infections. METHODS This was a nested case-control(More)
This study estimated the frequency of breast-self examination practice and its possible relation to the stage of the disease at diagnosis and patient-related delay in diagnosis among newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Breast self-examination was practiced in 10.4% of cases. It was performed by patients from higher socioeconomic levels and those with a(More)
The prevalence of sleep complaints increases steadily with age. Studies investigating insomnia among elderly people living in geriatric homes, especially among Egyptians, are scarce. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of insomnia symptoms among the elderly living in geriatric homes in Alexandria and their correlates. A cross-sectional survey of a(More)
Diabetic lower extremity complications may be influenced by a number of factors, including those related to the interaction between patients and the health-care system. Our objective is to identify risk factors for the development of lower limb complications, by looking for classical clinical variables and those related to quality of care. A case-control(More)
In Egypt, the determinants and rationale for drug use among infants have not been previously studied. We give an overview of the use of prescribed and non-prescribed medication over a 1-month period in infants in Alexandria, Egypt. In 89.6% of cases mothers stated that their infants had suffered some ailments which necessitated intervention; 27.5% used(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence and possible risk factors for anemia and abnormal anthropometric measurements among schoolchildren in Al-Hada Area, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. METHODS We conducted the study between January and April, 2005 at Al-Hada area. A nested case-control study was conducted to estimate risk factors for anemia and abnormal(More)
OBJECTIVE This report aims at both estimation of the rates of overall nosocomial and urinary tract infection (UTI) and their linear trends as well as studying the potential risk factors of patients admitted to Al-Hada, Rehab and Prince Sultan military hospitals and developed nosocomial UTIs (NUTIs). METHODS A case-control study on 206 discharged patients(More)
A case-control study of patients with and without confirmed UTI was performed to identify risk factors for nosocomial UTI. Duration of hospitalization, unit of admission, history of diabetes mellitus or debilitating diseases, and duration and number of urinary catheters were independently associated with increased risk of nosocomial UTIs.