Moataz AbdelKhalek

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To determine whether kidney membrane fractions contain an extramitochondrial anion-stimulated ATPase, we compared the pharmacological and kinetic properties of HCO3-ATPase activities in mitochondrial and microsomal fractions prepared from rabbit kidney cortex and outer medulla. The results indicated that this activity differed markedly in each type of(More)
Although Ismail-Beigi and Edelman demonstrated in 1971 that thyroid hormones control the activity of Na−K-ATPase in the mammalian kidney, the actual site of this regulation inside the organ was not located. We therefore decided to study the relationship between thyroid hormones and Na−K-ATPase activity in individual nephron segments obtained by(More)
Malicious scripts used in web-based attacks have recently been reported as one of the top internet security threats. However, anti-malware solutions develop and integrate various techniques to defend against malicious scripts, attackers have been increasingly applying different counter techniques to hide their malicious intents and evade detection. One of(More)
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