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Effective and efficient test data generation is one of the major challenging and time-consuming tasks within the software testing process. Researchers have proposed different methods to generate test data automatically, however, those methods suffer from different drawbacks. In this paper we present a Genetic Algorithm-based approach that tries to generate(More)
Quantification of parameters affecting the software quality is one of the important aspects of research in the field of software engineering. In this paper, we present a comprehensive literature survey of prominent quality molding studies. The survey addresses two views: (1) quantification of parameters affecting the software quality; and (2) using machine(More)
Reuse of software results in many gains such as reduced development time and overall cost, especially when it takes place in the early stages of software development. Retrieval is a crucial activity during software reuse. This work focuses on the retrieval of UML class diagrams using Genetic Algorithm (GA). It builds on our earlier work by describing a GA(More)