Moacyr Martucci

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Today, distributed systems are commonly used in business enterprises in practically all market sectors. But such systems are characterized by their huge complexity due to physical distribution, lack of synchronization, heterogeneity, external parties and the very business logic related to the system itself. RM-ODP appeared as an interesting resource to(More)
The continuity of organizations depends directly on its ability to competitively meet customers' expectations, according to their perception, on the supply of goods or services. To meet customer expectations is a task that is greatly expanded when we refer to mobile convergent multimedia services, where a big bunch of heterogeneous technologies must(More)
útil a todos. Os artigos assinados não representam neces-sariamente a opinião da Revista. Abstract In this work, we present a performance analysis of three key architectural features of the IBM Blue Gene Project. The demand for computational power continues to increase at a fast rate. Computers based on the sequencial processing model can no longer meet the(More)
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