Moacir Alberto Assis Campos

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Interferons (IFNs) are widely used for the treatment of various medical diseases. They have marked immunomodulatory effects, and many reports have been published associating IFN therapy with the induction of autoimmune phenomena and other disorders of immune regulation such as sarcoidosis. The clinical presentation of IFN-induced sarcoidosis (IIS) is(More)
This investigation was performed to study the effect of lactose on the fixation of calcium in bones of rats. Lactose 3% and 10% concentration was used and the action was compared to that obtained by 67 U.I. of vitamin D in 100 g diet. The data obtained indicated very definitely that the presence of lactose in the diet favorably influences the fixation of Ca(More)
Samples of marine algae from Brazilian coast were analysed for the proximate composition, calcium, phosphorus, iron and aminoacids. Ulva fasciata, Enteromorpha intestinalis and Enteromorpha flexuosa have been studied, specimens being collected at "Mãe Luisa" beach in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, between the months of September and November 1973.(More)
Coconut (Cocos nucifera, L.) is an abundant product in Brazil. The authors studied the use of the protein fraction to prepare "milk-substitute" beverages. The analyses were made on albumen, copra and cake. Protein coconut extraction was tried with water; NaCl solutions in different concentrations; HCl and NaOH solutions in different concentrations; HCl and(More)
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