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Low voltage and low power are two key requirements for on-chip realization of wireless power and data telemetry for applications in biomedical sensor instrumentation. Batteryless operation and wireless telemetry facilitate robust, reliable, and longer lifetime of the implant unit. As an ongoing research work, this paper demonstrates a low-power low-voltage(More)
The NSF-funded Northwest Distributed Computer Science Department (NW-DCSD) project brings together 24 multi-disciplinary faculty from 19 diverse colleges and universities in an effort to change the face of computing in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. We offer an innovative and inclusive vision of computing in the 21st century and foster(More)
1 Essay scoring has traditionally relied on human raters, who understand both the content and the quality of writing. However, the increasing use of constructed-response items, and the large number of students that will be exposed to such items in assessments based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), raise questions about the viability of relying on(More)
In order to improve real-time and robustness of the lane detection and get more ideal lane, in the image preprocessing, the filter is used in strengthening lane information of the binary image, reducing the noise and removing irrelevant information. The lane edge detection is by using Canny operator, then the corner detection method is used in getting the(More)
This paper has a research on relationship between the degree of tool wear condition and the characteristic parameters of acoustic emission (AE) signal. First, through wavelet packet transformation, AE signals observed from different tool cutting stages are analyzed at different time-frequency scale. The main energy frequency scales are found. Then, the(More)
Currently, generating spatial image pyramid data mainly relies on down-sampling filtration, but so far, there is not any way to evaluate the effect of down-sampling. Herein, down-sampling and up-sampling were combined to form a pair of re-sampling filter, called RSFP, serving as an approximation of the current layer of pyramid data, can be used to evaluate(More)
Professional skills are critical for success in the multidisciplinary, intercultural, and cross-functional team interactions that characterize 21st century engineering careers. Despite consensus around the need for developing professional skills, engineering programs have been struggling to define, teach, and measure those skills. This paper describes the(More)