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AIM Elastic resistance exercise is frequently used in rehabilitation programs. Precise quantification using color coded bands is not possible. A method to predict forces for any length of mostly used elastic tubings and thereby a general equation for the comparison of elastic material is presented. METHODS In an in vitro-series the tubing tension in(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to establish normal strength values of shoulder abduction in a male and female population aged between 6 to 90 years. These values were compared to the sex- and age-related values given by Constant for an Irish population, referred to as Constant 1991. Further strength values resulting from fixation of the measuring device(More)
AIM Of this study was to evaluate the results of a shoulder rehabilitation program of different shoulder diseases, based on an isokinetie pulley system ("Moflex", Recotec/Bernina, Swiss). METHOD In this prospective study 70 patients participated in a standardized rehabilitation program (instability: n = 19; rotator cuff disorders: n = 23; impingement(More)
In a chance observation, a 74-year-old woman was found to have hypercalcaemia (3.0 mmol/l) and multiple skeletal osteolyses. A diagnosis of multiple myeloma was made after the demonstration of paraproteins in serum (IgG-kappa) and a 10% proportion of plasma cells in a pelvic crest biopsy. Oral chemotherapy with melphalan and prednisone failed to alter the(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to evaluate the results of a knee rehabilitation program after knee surgery, based on an isokinetic pulley System (Moflex, Recotec/Bernina, Switzerland). METHOD In this prospective study, 73 patients participated in a standardized rehabilitation program (ACL reconstruction, ACL/all: n = ;51; patellar tendon, ACL/P: n =(More)
PURPOSE The availability of open whole body MRI magnets and MR-compatible instrumentarium were essential conditions for the progression of interventional MRI. The advantages of an MR-guided biopsy at the musculoskeletal system are the visualization of the puncture site of a representative area for tumor histology, the absence of exposure to radiation and(More)
grenzung gegen Hyper thy reose b ie te t natf i r l ich nur dann Schwierigkei ten, wenn neben Grundumsa tzs te igerung andere S y m p t o m e der t l ype r thy reose vo rhanden sind und der Zus tand des kardiovascul~ren Sys tems auch als Folge der Hype r thy reose aufgefaBt werden kann. I n den in Tabel le 4 angeffihrten F~illen h a t ers t das Ergebnis der(More)
Since 1988 to the beginning of 1993 we have performed 20 Sauerbruch-muscle-tunnels by 16 patients. (1 forearm-, 17 biceps- and 2 pectoralis-tunnels) All tunnels correspond our expectations - expect 1 tunnel. The functional result of the prosthesis is dependent on the interest of the patients and their intention to forget the handicap. We recommended to use(More)
Thirty percent of adult patients with Hodgkin's disease fail primary treatment or relapse after treatment. Whereas overall mortality for Hodgkin's disease is about 20%, half the patients who relapse will die. Among patients with refractory or relapsing disease, about a third can be rescued by conventional salvage treatment. Unfortunately, except for(More)