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We study numerical methods for solving a coupled Stokes-Darcy problem in porous media flow applications. A two-grid method is proposed for decoupling the mixed model by a coarse grid approximation to the interface coupling conditions. Error estimates are derived for the proposed method. Both theoretical analysis and numerical experiments show the efficiency(More)
  • Mo Mu
  • 1999
This paper deals with a solution approach suitable for (:omposite PDEs with interface conditions. We present a general framework based on interface relaxation which provides a uniform platform for building problem solving environmen\.s t1lrough efficient softwaIe integration and for implementing various relaxation schemes. Mathematically, this framework(More)
A new approach was presented in [11] for construcling preconditioners through a function approximation for the domain decomposi~ion-based preconditioned conjugate gradient method. This work extends the approach to more general cases where grids may be nonuniform; elliptic op-eratoI'B may have variable coefficients (but are separable and self-adjoint); and(More)