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We study numerical methods for solving a coupled Stokes-Darcy problem in porous media flow applications. A two-grid method is proposed for decoupling the mixed model by a coarse grid approximation to the interface coupling conditions. Error estimates are derived for the proposed method. Both theoretical analysis and numerical experiments show the efficiency(More)
  • Mo Mu
  • SIAM J. Scientific Computing
  • 1999
This paper deals with a solution approach suitable for (:omposite PDEs with interface conditions. We present a general framework based on interface relaxation which provides a uniform platform for building problem solving environmen\.s t1lrough efficient softwaIe integration and for implementing various relaxation schemes. Mathematically, this framework(More)
Domain decomposition algorithms for parallel numerical solution of parabolic equations are studied for steady state or slow unsteady computation. Implicit schemes are used in order to march with large time steps. Parallelization is realized by approximating interface values using explicit computation. Various techniques are examined, including a multistep(More)
  • Mo Mu
  • ACM Trans. Math. Softw.
  • 2005
<i>PDE.Mart</i> is a network-based problem-solving environment (PSE) for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) in numerical simulations and academic research, as well as in educational settings. The client-server protocol consists of a Web-browser-enabled graphical user interface, <i>PDE-GUI</i>, that runs on client machines to manage the server(More)