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—This paper considers one type of common-mode feedback (CMFB) circuit that uses two differential pairs to sense the common-mode output voltage (V oc) of a fully differential op amp. Analysis of the circuit and simulation show that even powers of the differential-mode output voltage (V od) affect the common-mode control signal generated by the CMFB circuit.(More)
Cellular imaging after transplantation may provide important information to determine the efficacy of stem cell therapy. We have reported that graphene quantum dots (GQDs) are a type of robust biological labeling agent for stem cells that demonstrate little cytotoxicity. In this study, we examined the interactions of GQDs on human neural stem cells (hNSCs)(More)
AIM To explore the intestinal absorption characteristics of lumbrokinase (YJM-I) in the absence or presence of various absorption enhancers and to find the optimum intestinal site for YJM-I absorption. METHODS The absorption kinetics and absorption intestinal sites for YJM-I absorption were investigated with the method of diffusion cell in vitro, duodenum(More)
Stocking density and hypoxia are considered priority issues in aquaculture research. In this study, two experiments were carried out in order to investigate the effects of chronic stress (stocking density) and acute stress (hypoxia) on the immune physiology responses (hematology, serum cortisol, glucose, total protein and the mRNA expression of CYP 1A) of(More)
High-valent iron-oxo intermediates have been identified as the key oxidants in the catalytic cycles of many nonheme enzymes. Among the large number of synthetic Fe(IV)=O complexes characterized to date, [Fe(IV)(O)(N4Py)](2+) (1) exhibits the unique combination of thermodynamic stability, allowing its structural characterization by X-ray crystallography, and(More)
C3N4/TiO2 hybrid photocatalysts with highly enhanced photocatalytic performance were prepared by a facile ball milling method. A layered structure of g-C3N4 was formed on the surface of TiO2. The mechanochemical process can promote the dispersion of C3N4 on the surface of TiO2 particles, to form a single layer hybrid structure and a multi-layer core-shell(More)
C3N4@ZnO hybrid materials with visible light photocatalytic performance have been prepared by facile mechanical milling. The dispersion of conjugated molecule g-C3N4 on the surface of ZnO improved during mechanical process, and the multilayer hybrid structure of g-C3N4@ZnO materials with remarkable visible light photocatalytic activity was formed by ball(More)
A phase junction over a Bi(2)SiO(5) photocatalyst with the orthorhombic Bi(2)SiO(5) and the tetragonal Bi(2)SiO(5) structure was successfully synthesized via an ion exchange method using BiOBr solid microspheres as the sacrificial template. In the meantime, the as-prepared Bi(2)SiO(5) phase junction possesses a novel morphology of a flower-like microsphere(More)
Random composites with nickel networks hosted randomly in porous alumina are proposed to realize double negative materials. The random composite for DNMs (RC-DNMs) can be prepared by typical processing of material, which makes it possible to explore new DNMs and potential applications, and to feasibly tune their electromagnetic parameters by controlling(More)