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In this work, a low cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transceiver for wireless sensor network (WSN) applications, with a receiver (RX)-matching network-reusing power amplifier (PA) load inductor, is presented. In order to decrease the die area, only two inductors were used in this work. Besides the one used in the voltage control oscillator (VCO), the PA load(More)
Summary BreakPoint Surveyor (BPS) is a computational pipeline for the discovery, characterization, and visualization of complex genomic rearrangements, such as viral genome integration, in paired-end sequence data. BPS facilitates interpretation of structural variants by merging structural variant breakpoint predictions, gene exon structure, read depth, and(More)
A low complexity digital IQ (in-phase and quadrature) imbalance self-calibration technique in Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) transceiver is proposed in this paper. The RX (receiver) and TX (transmitter) IQ imbalance are compensated by a digital post-correction and pre-distortion, respectively, and the correction and distortion parameters can be(More)