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The literature agrees that the major threat to IS security is constituted by careless employees who do not comply with organizations' IS security policies and procedures. To address this concern , different approaches for ensuring employees' IS security policy compliance have been proposed. Prior research on IS security compliance has criticized these(More)
The level of end-user satisfaction with information technology (IT) has widely been accepted as an indicator of IT success. The present research synthesizes and validates the construct of IT end-user satisfaction using a meta-analysis. It accomplishes this by analysing the empirical results of 45 end-user satisfaction studies published between 1986 and 1998(More)
<b>Introduction</b> Careless employees, who do not follow information security policies, constitute a serious threat to their organization. We conducted a field survey in order to understand which factors help towards employees' compliance with these security policies. Our research shows that the visibility of the desired practices and normative(More)
User satisfaction has increasingly played an important role in information systems (IS) organizations' effectiveness. Does an IS organization's ability to design and develop increasingly effective systems depend on its maturity? Does maturity depend on bringing in state-of-the-art technology? Is maturity related to the organizational structure of the Data(More)