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A bacteriological and chemical study was carried out within 1 year on spring and well water of Yaounde. It assessed the importance of some chemical factors on some faecal bacterial communities. The(More)
This study carried out within the framework of a multi-disciplinary project, aimed at highlighting the fundamental processes governing the functioning of the hypertrophic Yaoundé Municipal Lake. It(More)
The impact of light (1,000 × 100,000 lx) on the inactivation of S. aureus and V. parahaemolyticus has been assessed under different concentrations of dissolved biodegradable organic compound (BOC) at(More)
The synergistic effects of the combined treatments of NaOCl and H2O2 on the elimination of A. hydrophila adhered to polythene under static and dynamic conditions were evaluated. The concentrations(More)
The ability of strains of faecal bacteria (Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli ATCC 25922, and four strains of Salmonella isolated, resp., from well water, pig, poultry, and human urine in Garoua) to(More)
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