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First nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate diaphorase (NADPH-d)-positive perikarya in rat prefrontal cortex (PFC) are present at birth. On postnatal day (P) 1, there is an increase of NADPH-d-positive neurons in all developing layers of PFC. From P1 to P7, a further increase in the overall number of positive neurons is observed. First laminar and(More)
The left chorda tympani nerve was interrupted through meatus acusticus externus in ten dogs. In total, 40 dog salivary glands (20 submandibular and 20 sublingual) innervated via chorda tympani were examined. Twenty glands (10 submandibular and 10 sublingual) on the left side were deprived of parasympathetic innervation by chordectomy, whereas contraleteral(More)
Die Untersuchungen wurden an Präparaten der Glandulae profundae plicae semilunares conjunctivae (Harder'sche Drüse) von fünf Elstern (Pica pica L.) durchgeführt. Ausführlich sind der histologische Bau (Abb. 1, 2), die Konzentrationen von acidophilen und neutralen Glukosaminoglykane mit der Alzianblau Färbung mit pH 2,5 und in Kombination mit der PAS-Methode(More)
The blocking of the ischiadic nerve within foramen ischiadicus majus of 8 sheep was performed with 6-12 ml 2% xylocain from three different places: 1. From the middle of a line joining the top of processus spinosus of the 1st sacral vertebra and the peak of trochanter major. The needle pierces vertically through the skin, gluteal fascia and m. gluteus(More)
The anesthesia (blockade) of canine n. femoralis may be performed either from lumbar or inguinal region. The insensibility of skin in the medial part of the thigh, tibia and tarsus as well as the akinesia of m. quadriceps femoris are attained by the anesthesia. The blockade of n. femoralis from the lumbar region often attains n. obturatorius as well. If the(More)
Die Untersuchungen an denGlandulae profundae plicae semilunares conjunctivae (Harderdrüse) wurden an Präparaten von Wolf (Canis lupus L.), Deutschem Schäferhund (Canis familiaris L.), Fuchs (Vulpes vulpes L.), Marder (Martes martes) und von Wildkatzen (Felis silvestris) durchgeführt. Die Harderdrüse hat einen lobulären Bau. Die Drüsenzellen sind mit(More)