Mladen P. Tasic

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One of the rarest lesions is in-stent restenosis chronic total occlusion (CTO). Limited data suggest that the treatment success rate is dependent on the possibility to cross into the lumen of an occluded stent, and the decision about what technique to use varies by operator preference. The knuckle technique is used to create a deliberate dissection plane in(More)
The basic aim of this paper was to check the hypothesis whether after head trauma the brain tissue looses myelinic membrane which surrounds the axon, and if this possibly established loss can be quantified, that is if it is possible to determine the degree of disintegration. One of the aims was to examine this method itself. The gathered results show that(More)
Coronary artery spasm is sometimes an unrecognized cause of myocardial ischemia. Myocardial ischemia is not always a product of fixed stenosis; it can also be induced by dynamic, transient stenosis. The angiogram represents the current state of vasculature at the time of examination and absence of stenosis does not mean disease absence. We present a case of(More)
Introduction of IVUS procedures in the routine practice is not yet achieved nor there are significant studies that dealt with examining the success of IVUS guided PCI, showed a significant advantage over conventional angiography guided PCI. On the other hand a number of smaller studies give results for the benefit of IVUS. The aim of the research is to(More)
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