Mladen Milosevic

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— Timed-Up-and-Go (TUG) is a simple, easy to administer, and frequently used test for assessing balance and mobility in elderly and people with Parkinson's disease. An instrumented version of the test (iTUG) has been recently introduced to better quantify subject's movements during the test. The subject is typically instrumented by a dedicated device(More)
Posture changes initiate a dynamic physiological response that can be used as an indicator of the overall health status. We introduce an inconspicuous mobile wellness monitoring system (imWell) that continuously assesses the dynamic physiological response to posture transitions during activities of daily living. imWell utilizes a Zephyr BioHarness 3(More)
Mobile computing devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and e-readers have become the dominant personal computing platforms. Energy efficiency is a prime design requirement for mobile device manufacturers and smart application developers alike. Runtime power measurements on mobile platforms provide insights that can eventually lead to more(More)
Long-term exposure to stress has been associated with chronic diseases, depression, and immune disorders. The precise detection and assessment of stress depends on personalized physiological monitoring and assessment of influence of personal and workplace factors We monitored nursing students during training on a high fidelity simulator in the Real-time(More)
—Continuous advances in sensors, semiconductors, wireless networks, mobile and cloud computing enable the development of integrated wearable computing systems for continuous health monitoring. These systems can be used as a part of diagnostic procedures, in the optimal maintenance of chronic conditions, in the monitoring of adherence to treatment(More)
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