Mladen Krnić

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OBJECTIVE We determined and compared acute effects of different alcoholic beverages on oxygen-induced increase in oxidative stress plasma marker and arterial stiffness in healthy humans. METHODS Ten males randomly consumed one of four tested beverages: red wine (RW), vodka, beer (0.32 g ethanol/kg body wt) and water as control. Every beverage was consumed(More)
AIMS/INTRODUCTION Prediabetes (PD) represents a transitional state where the glucose levels are higher than normal, but not enough for diabetes mellitus diagnosis. As there is a growing number of the population with PD, its early detection and treatment could prevent the development of diabetes mellitus and its complications. We aimed to assess the overall(More)
The aim of this study was to measure plasma nitrite, the biochemical marker of endothelial nitric oxide ((•)NO) synthesis, before and after hyperoxia, in order to test the hypothesis that hyperoxia-induced vasoconstriction is a consequence of reduced bioavailability of (•)NO caused by elevated oxidative stress. Ten healthy men breathed 100% normobaric O(2)(More)
The primary objective of the study was to evaluate the correlation between prostaglandin F2-alpha and tumour necrosis factor-alpha concentration and that of pain experienced by patients undergoing thermal balloon ablation. Furthermore we evaluated the correlation between the endometrial and myometrial thicknesses and the degree of pain experienced by(More)
Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is universally considered to be an integral part of type 1 diabetes management and crucial for optimizing the safety and efficacy of complex insulin regimens. This extends to type 2 diabetes patients on intensive insulin therapy, and there is also a growing body of evidence suggesting that structured SMBG is(More)
Although metabolic syndrome was not extensively studied in type 1 diabetes, higher insulin resistance, the core feature of the syndrome was found to be associated with increased risk of developing microvascular complications. As diabetic nephropathy may progress to advanced lesion before microalbuminuria appears, we investigated the association of the(More)
INTRODUCTION The Croatian Association for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders of the Croatian Medical Association has issued in 2011 the first national guidelines for the nutrition, education, self-control, and pharmacotherapy of diabetes type 2. According to the increased number of available medicines and new evidence related to the effectiveness and safety(More)
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