Mladen Koljatic

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Examination of estimates of prevalence of 28 dishonest academic behaviors provided by 217 students and 38 faculty members from the same Latin American institution shows faculty's perceptions differed from those held by students. Students perceived dishonest behaviors to be more widespread while faculty's estimates were on average more conservative and(More)
The aim of this paper was to expand the knowledge about the characteristics of publications in the business administration and economics fields in Latin America. Previous research studies had characterized the publications and authorship pattern of the region, but did not include a measure of the quality of the journals in which the publications appeared(More)
The study explored the association between the perceptions 175 Chilean business students held about their parents' acceptance of academic dishonesty and their self-reports of academic dishonesty. Regressing scores for parental acceptance onto self-reported academic dishonesty indicated it accounted for a small (2.2%) but significant amount of variance(More)
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