Mladen Jurak

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The homogenization method is used to analyze the global behavior of passive solute transport through highly heterogeneous porous media. The flow is governed by a coupled system of an elliptic equation and a linear convection-diffusion concentration equation with a diffusion term small with respect to the convection, i.e., with a relatively high Peclet(More)
We present an approach and numerical results for a new formulation modeling immiscible, compressible two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media with discontinuous capillary pressures. The main feature of this model is the introduction of a new global pressure and it is fully equivalent to the original equations. The resulting equations are written in a(More)
In this paper a finite volume method approach is used to model the 2D compressible and im-miscible two-phase flow of water and gas in heterogeneous porous media. We consider a model describing water-gas flow through engineered and geological barriers for a deep repository of radioactive waste. We consider a domain made up of several zones with different(More)
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