Mladen Ivanković

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Dynamic conservation of forest genetic resources (FGR) means maintaining the genetic diversity of trees within an evolutionary process and allowing generation turnover in the forest. We assessed the network of forests areas managed for the dynamic conservation of FGR (conservation units) across Europe (33 countries). On the basis of information available in(More)
Published curing profiles of epoxy resins mixed with an anhydride curing agent and subsequently crosslinked were reanalyzed with a modified sigmoidal model to describe the dynamic viscosity accompanying resin curing. The sigmoidal analysis yielded two kinetic parameters, one relating to the induction time required to observe meaningful viscosity changes and(More)
Slovenia is one of the most forested countries in Europe, with a total coverage of 1.184.369 ha or 58.4 % of total area (SFS 2011). Forests are well preserved, and sustainable, semi-natural and multifunctional management has been traditionally and legally incorporated into the forestry practice. In the 1990s, the genetic variation of beech populations in(More)
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