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Lithium carbonate is an effective drug for prophylaxis and treatment of major affective disorders. In-utero exposure to lithium during the first trimester of pregnancy might be associated with an increased risk of cardiac malformations, especially the rare Ebstein's anomaly. We prospectively recruited and followed 148 women (mean age 30 years, SD 5 range(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the results of 42 cardiopulmonary arrests occurring over 1 yr in the general ward of a pediatric hospital. These data were compared to those of a similar study done 10 yr previously in the same institution. Patients were divided into those having pure respiratory arrest and those who also had cardiac arrest. In the most recent(More)
A study of the total cost of head injury in Olmsted County, Minnesota, with the costs projected to the United States population, revealed that the annual cost for head trauma in the US can be estimated at approximately +12.5 billion using a 6 per cent discount rate. The nonmedical costs accounted for more than 92 per cent (+11.5 billion) of the total cost,(More)
e19526 Background: Mediastinal radiation (RT) is a cause of premature coronary artery disease (CAD) in Hodgkin lymphoma survivors (HLS). Early detection of atherosclerosis may allow for improved health outcomes. Peripheral arterial tonometry (PAT) is a non-invasive technique that measures endothelial function (EF), as a surrogate marker of sub-clinical(More)
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