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researcher Mizuko Ito and her team interviewed over 800 youth and young adults and conducted over 5000 hours of online observations as part of the most extensive U.S. study of youth media use. They found that social network and video-sharing sites, online games, and gadgets such as iPods and mobile phones are now fixtures of youth culture. The research(More)
Collaboration has long been of considerable interest to both designers and researchers in the CHI and CSCW communities. This paper contributes to this discussion by proposing the concept of network communities as a new genre of collaboration for this discussion. Network communities are robust and persistent communities based on a sense of locality that(More)
The most recent edition of the annual "Falling Through the Net" report from the U.S. Department of Commerce says that people aged 50 and older are among those groups who are least likely to be Internet users [1 ]. While we might question whether demographic categories are the most useful way to track Internet use, it's clear that these categories are(More)
With the explosion of participation on the Internet, there is increasing interest and speculation in extending its' uses to support diverse online communities, and particular interest in using the Internet to combat loneliness and isolation amongst senior citizens For the past year, we have been investigating SeniorNet (SN), a 12 year old organization that(More)
Unlike the traditional camera, the camera phone is an intimate and ubiquitous presence that invites a new kind of personal awareness, a persistent alertness to the visually newsworthy that makes amateur photojournalists out of its users. A friend you have not seen for a while or a pet's endearing gaze. Tokyo Tower or a funny-looking stuffed panda. A(More)
We conducted an ethnographic study of SeniorNet, an organization focused on helping seniors gain access to computing technology. Our research examines the social and cultural context of access to computing, with a particular focus on the role of community. Our study of SeniorNet has helped us understand the nature of seniors as a group, as we have immersed(More)
Designers of Internet applications and those helping others learn about the net need to understand the problems Internet newcomers face as they encounter the idiosyncratic structures that organize the networked world. As part of an ethnographic study of SeniorNet, an organization that helps seniors learn to use computers, we explore early encounters with(More)