Mizuki Nagata

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Periodontal disease is one of the most common infectious diseases in adults and is characterized by the destruction of tooth-supporting tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) comprise the mesoderm-originating stem cell population, which has been studied and used for cell therapy. However, because of the lower rate of cell survival after MSC transplantation(More)
The differentiation of the folliculo-stellate (F-S) cells was electronmicroscopically investigated in the normal male adult rats from the Wistar, Wistar-Imamichi, Holzmann, Spraque-Dowley and Donryu strains. The F-S cells may be divided into the five types according to the granulation. Each type is, however, provided with the common characteristic features,(More)
For cell-based medicine, to mimic in vivo cellular localization, various tissue engineering approaches have been studied to obtain a desirable arrangement of cells on scaffold materials. We have developed a novel method of cell manipulation called "cell transfer technology", enabling the transfer of cultured cells onto scaffold materials, and controlling(More)
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