Mizuki Koibuchi

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The healthy male volunteers participating in bioavailability tests of diazepam tablets were classified into two groups, high and low acidity groups, on the basis of the acidity of their gastric fluid. This was estimated by the Gastrotest method. The bioavailability parameters of four tablet preparations of diazepam (5 mg) after single administration were(More)
The bioavailability of four griseofulvin tablets in beagle dogs, including an ultramicrosize tablet used previously in a human bioavailability study, was investigated on the basis of the plasma 6-demethyl-griseofulvin concentration. The relations with the in vivo findings in humans and the in vitro dissolution rates also were examined. Contrary to the lower(More)
The bioavailability of diazepam (I) in uncoated tablets in beagles was tested using tablets tested previously in humans. The correlations of the dissolution rates and bioavailabilities of these tablets in humans and beagles were examined. The plasma level of N-desmethyldiazepam (II), the main metabolite of I, was used as an index of bioavailability after(More)
Azolla, a small water fern, abscises its roots and branches within 30 min upon treatment with various stresses. This study was conducted to test whether, in the rapid abscission that occurs in Azolla, breakdown of wall components of abscission zone cells by (●) OH is involved. Experimentally generated (●) OH caused the rapid separation of abscission zone(More)
Dissolution rates of 10 commercial microsize griseofulvin tablets and one ultramicrosize griseofulvin tablet were preliminarily determined in 18 liters of pH 7.2 phosphate buffer and in 900 ml of 40% dimethylformamide as test media. Addition of dimethylformamide affected the dissolution behavior of the formulations. The products, three microsize and one(More)