Mizuho Komatsuzaki

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We propose a novel search technique called IteMinder that helps users find property in a room using passive RFID and an autonomous robot. First, we attach RFID tags to the target items and at typical locations in a room. We also attach an RFID reader and a laser rangefinder to the robot. The robot can move around the entire room automatically while avoiding(More)
We propose a novel search technique called DrawerFinder that helps users find commodities stored in two types of storage boxes (with drawers or lids) on a shelf. First, we attach visual markers inside these storage boxes. When a user opens a box, a camera attached above the shelf detects the visual marker and the system automatically takes a picture. Next,(More)
Inter-cognitive communication plays the key role in the development of engineering applications where natural and artificial cognitive systems should work together efficiently. Situation-awareness is essential in that cooperation. The focus of this study is to report our experiences and applications of situation-aware robots and transporters. Industrial(More)
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