Miyuki Mashiko

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BRAF is a serine/threonine kinase that receives a mitogenic signal from RAS and transmits it to the MAP kinase pathway. Recent studies have reported that mutations of the BRAF gene were detected with varying frequencies in several cancers, notably more than 60% in melanoma. We analysed mutations of BRAF and RAS genes in 100 cases of thyroid carcinoma to(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent studies implicate circadian genes in the regulation of cell cycle, apoptosis, and cell proliferation at a molecular level. These genesey affect cancer incidence, prognosis, and chemosensitivity. In this study, we measured the expression levels of clock genes and correlated their expression levels with clinicopathological parameters in(More)
BACKGROUND The international guidelines for the evaluation of microsatellite instability (MSI) in colorectal cancer were defined in 1997 by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Here, the relationship between MSI, cancer-associated genes and their clinicopathological variables were revaluated using these guidelines. PATIENTS AND METHODS Mutations of K-ras(More)
Understanding the mechanisms of habitat selection is fundamental to the construction of proper conservation and management plans for many avian species. Habitat changes caused by human beings increase the landscape complexity and thus the complexity of data available for explaining species distribution. New techniques that assume no linearity and capable to(More)
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