Miyuki Furusawa

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Since several anti-cancer drugs interact with cell membrane lipids, the effects of anti-cancer dietary factors on liposomal membranes with different lipid composition were comparatively studied by measuring fluorescence polarization. Fluidity was imparted on both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions of lipid bilayers by decreasing cholesterol and increasing(More)
Four stilbene derivatives, gnemonols K and L (resveratrol trimers), M (isorhapontigenin dimer), and gnemonoside K (glucoside of resveratrol trimer) together with eleven known stilbenoids and a lignan were isolated from the acetone, methanol and 70% methanol soluble parts of the root of Gnetum gnemon (Gnetaceae). The structures of the isolates were(More)
Four new phenolic derivatives, gnetofurans A-C (1-3) and dihydropinosylvindiol (4), were isolated from a methanol-soluble extract of the stems of Gnetum klossii, together with nine known compounds [gnetifolin F (5), isorhapontigenin, gnetulin, gnetins E and C, latifolol, gnetol, (-)-epsilon-viniferin, and trans-resveratrol]. The structures of the new(More)
The growth-inhibitory effects of the brownish scale components of onion on tumor cells were studied with relating to their membrane activity. Quercetin, quercetin-4′-O-glucoside and two isomeric quercetin dimers (10 μM for each) isolated from the scale reduced the fluidity of tumor cell model membranes consisting of phospholipids and cholesterol more(More)
Fourteen flavonol glycosides including two new compounds were isolated from the leaves of two Diospyros plants (D. cathayensis and D. rhombifolia). The structures of isolated compounds were determined by spectroscopic analysis. The scavenging activity of 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical of the isolated compounds was also investigated.
Four new resveratrol derivatives, upunaphenols B (1), C (4), D (5) (resveratrol tetramer) and E (6, resveratrol dimer with a C6-C1 unit), together with nine known resveratrol oligomers and resveratrol were isolated from an acetone soluble part of stem of Upuna borneensis (Dipterocarpaceae). The structures of new compounds were determined by spectral(More)
Two new resveratrol (= 5-[(E)-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]benzene-1,3-diol) trimers, cotylelophenols A (1) and B (2), were isolated from the stem of Cotylelobium lanceolatum (Dipterocarpaceae), together with ten known resveratrol oligomers (3-12). The structures of the isolates were established on the basis of spectroscopic analyses, including a detailed NMR(More)
Five new resveratrol (=5-[(E)-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]benzene-1,3-diol) tetramers, upunaphenols H-J (1-3) and trans-(4) and cis-upunaphenol K (5), were isolated from the stem of Upuna borneensis (Dipterocarpaceae). Their structures were elucidated on the basis of 1D- and 2D-NMR as well as FAB-MS data. Compounds 1-3 bear a rare biphenyl bond in their(More)
Three new resveratrol oligomers, cotylelophenol C (1) (resveratrol tetramer) and cotylelosides A (2) and B (3) (O-glucosides of resveratrol trimer), together with four known glucosides of resveratrol oligomers (vaticasides A, B, C, D) and piceid, were isolated from an acetone soluble part of stem of Cotylelobium lanceolatum (Dipterocarpaceae). The(More)
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