Miyuki Fukudome

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The monogenean Neobenedenia girellae (Hargis, 1955) Yamaguti, 1963 is redescribed and reported for the first time in Japan. The parasite was recovered from the body surface, fins, and occasionally from the eyes of 14 species, comprising 5 families of cultured marine fishes from several localities in southwestern Japan. Neobenedenia melleni (MacCallum, 1927)(More)
The Japanese lacertid lizard Takydromus tachydromoides and the praying mantis Tenodera aridifolia are sympatric generalist predators feeding on similar prey. To confirm reciprocal predation between them, we observed the behavioural interactions between the lizards and the mantises of different sizes in a laboratory condition. The lizards caught small(More)
Regioselective epoxide ring opening of 2(I),3(I)-(2(I)S)-anhydro-alpha-cyclodextrin (1) through intramolecular attack of hydroxyl groups of neighboring glucose rings occurs in diequatorial fashion to yield 3(I),2(II)-anhydro-alpha-cyclodextrin (3) with a rigid glucopyranose-dioxane-glucopyranose tricyclic ring system, the usual diaxial opening and the(More)
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