Miyu Ono

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Extracellular nucleotides, such as ATP, are released from cells in response to various stimuli and act as intercellular signaling molecules through activation of P2 receptors. Exposure to the ultraviolet radiation A (UVA) component of sunlight causes molecular and cellular damage, and in this study, we investigated the involvement of extracellular(More)
Dendritic epidermal T Cells (DETC) in adult mice express uniformly the phenotype of Thy-1+, T cell receptor (TCR)-V gamma 3/V delta 1+, CD3+, CD4- and CD8-. In newborn mice, however, the epidermis contains smaller numbers of Thy-1+ cells and they rarely express TCR or CD3, suggesting that a phenotypic maturation and/or a rapid expansion of TCR+/CD3+ cells(More)
  • T Ebina, M Ono
  • 2001
The antitumor effect of cepharanthin (CR), a biscoclaurine alkaloid, was examined as to its direct action on tumor cells and inhibitory action on angiogenesis in tumors. The effect of CR on in vitro invasion by murine RL-[symbol: see text] 1 leukemia cells and Colon 26 tumor cells was studied using a biocoat matrigel invasion chamber. One hundred(More)
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