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Receptor-targeted imaging is emerging as a promising strategy for diagnosis of human cancer. Herein, we developed an epidermal growth factor-based nanoprobe (EGF-NP) for in vivo optical imaging of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), an important target for cancer imaging. The self-quenched EGF-NP is fabricated by sequentially conjugating a(More)
This paper discusses effective processing of subsequence matching under time warping in time-series databases. Time warping is a transformation that enables finding of sequences with similar patterns even when they are of different lengths. Through a preliminary experiment, we first point out that Naive-Scan, a basic method for processing of subsequence(More)
In practice, some drugs produce a number of negative biological effects that can mitigate their effectiveness as a remedy. To address this issue, several studies have been performed for the prediction of drug-induced toxicity from gene-expression data, and a significant amount of work has been done on predicting limited drug-induced symptoms or single-organ(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for developing simulation metamodels using Gaussian radial basis functions. This approach is based on some recently developed mathematical results for radial basis functions. It is systematic, explicitly controls the underfitting and overfitting tradeoff, and uses a fast computational algorithm that requires minimal(More)
—Modeling to predict fault­proneness of software modules is an important area of research in software engineering. Most such models employ a large number of basic and derived metrics as predictors. This paper presents modeling results based on only two metrics, lines of code and cyclomatic complexity, using radial basis functions with Gaussian kernels as(More)
Recently multimodal biometrics technology that employs more than two types of biometrics data has been popularly used for person authentication and verification. In particular, the score-level fusion approach which combines matching scores from unimodal systems to make final decision has gained lots of attentions. In most of these works, however, they(More)