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Rac1b, an alternative splice form of Rac1, has been previously shown to be upregulated in colon and breast cancer cells, suggesting an oncogenic role for Rac1b in these cancers. Our analysis of NSCLC tumor and matched normal tissue samples indicates Rac1b is upregulated in a significant fraction of lung tumors in correlation with mutational status of K-ras.(More)
Nowadays, travel information is increasing to appeal the tourists on the web. Although there are numerous information provided on the web, the user gets puzzled in finding accurate information. In order to solve these web problems, the concept of semantic web comes into existence to have communication between human and computer.In this paper, we propose(More)
An epidemiological survey on human norovirus (NoV)-associated gastroenteritis was conducted to clarify the prevalence of NoV infections in children and adults in Korea. Recombinant capsid proteins from three major NoV genotypes (GI-4, GII-3, and GII-4) were expressed using a baculovirus expression system, and the morphology and antigenicity of(More)