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There have been some reports suggesting the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms in not only keeping health but also preventing and curing diseases as well as recovering from illnesses. However, no uniformity has been observed with its medicinal effect and thus there are some problems in these materials from clinical aspects. Ununiformity of constituents(More)
In order to understand retention and release behaviors of plasma-loaded hydrogen in ferritic steels, hydrogen depth profiles were examined by means of a tritium imaging plate technique (TIPT). Hydrogen release was strongly affected by trapping effect in bulk and/or barrier effect of surface oxide layers during long term storage in air at room temperature(More)
The nutritional and physical requirements for the efficient mycelial colonization ofVolvariella volvacea (Bull. ex. Fr.). Singer were elucidated with the percentage mycelial colonization and density as references. This investigation was limited to the evaluation of two commercial strains (designated Vvc1 and Vvc2) and two wild strains (designated EAAC-0001(More)
A series of experiments on the preparation and regeneration of protoplasts from hyphal strands ofVolvariella volvacea (Bull. ex. Fr.) Singer were conducted with the aim of optimizing the conditions for its efficient regeneration. One commercial (Vvcl) and two wild (EAAC-0001 and EAAC-0002) strains ofV. volvacea from the Philippines were used and subjected(More)
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