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The bax gene promoter region contains four motifs with homology to consensus p53-binding sites. In cotransfection assays using p53-deficient tumor cell lines, wild-type but not mutant p53 expression plasmids transactivated a reporter gene plasmid that utilized the bax gene promoter to drive transcription of chloramphenicol acetyltransferase. In addition,(More)
Two wheeled mobile manipulator has significant role in industry as well as domestic environment when working space of robot is limited. On the other hand, improvement of two wheeled vehicle will explore the technology to improve welfare like wheelchair robot and industrial robots. Two wheeled mobile manipulator has been already implemented using inverted(More)
Power assist wheelchair robot is playing a key role in the field of medical welfare robotics. But, to a certain extend, there is a setback in development due to presence of caster wheels. Hence, this paper proposes a casterless wheelchair and its control on a straight line path. That is, straight line driving of two wheel power assist wheelchair robot was(More)
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