Miyako Takahashi

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BACKGROUND The role of a patient's functional health literacy (HL) has received much attention in the context of diabetes education, but researchers have not fully investigated the roles of communicative and critical HL, especially in primary care. Communicative HL is the skill to extract health information and derive meaning from different forms of(More)
Social support, subjective well-being (SWB), and loneliness are issues of central importance in research concerned with the quality of life (QOL) of elderly people in the 21st century. However, very little is known about the situation in low-income countries such as in Nepal. The purpose of this paper is to identify the relationships significant in social(More)
Although qualitative studies have increased since the 1990s, some reports note that relatively few influential journals published them up until 2000. This study critically reviewed the characteristics of qualitative studies published in top tier medical journals since 2000. We assessed full texts of qualitative studies published between 2000 and 2004 in the(More)
OBJECTIVE Research on the impact of breast cancer on Asian women's sexual lives is extremely scarce. This study investigated the sexual changes experienced by breast cancer patients in Japan following surgery, and their sexuality-related information needs. METHODS An anonymous, cross-sectional survey of breast cancer out-patients was conducted in 2005.(More)
BACKGROUND Over the last decade, patient involvement in treatment-related decision-making has been widely advocated in Japan, where patient-physician encounters are still under the influence of the long-standing tradition of paternalism. Despite this profound change in clinical practice, studies investigating the actual preferences of Japanese people(More)
The Japanese bivalve Peronidia venulosa contains paralytic shellfish toxin (PST)-transforming enzymes that convert the weakly toxic C-toxins to the more potent decarbamoyl toxins. The enzyme was purified 154-fold with a yield of 0.26% and was named sulfocarbamoylase I. It was found to be a protein with an estimated molecular weight of 300 kDa by gel(More)
OBJECTIVES Breast cancer (BC) is a cancer that affects working age women in Japan. The aim of this study was to examine the impact that BC has on the work-related life of Japanese women and identify factors that correlate with job resignation. METHODS A cross-sectional Internet survey of cancer survivors in Japan was conducted from December 2011 to(More)
BACKGROUND Breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery has come to be regarded as an achievable treatment option to improve patients' quality of life. Although it has been pointed out that surgeons' information-giving behaviors affect women's decision to undergo breast reconstruction surgery, little is known about the factors that influence these(More)
OBJECTIVE In Japan, a National Long-Term Care Insurance that provides care for older and infirm people was started in 2000 and the role of care manager (CM) was established to coordinate care plans. As a new profession, CMs have experienced difficulties. This study aimed to clarify CMs' perceived problems regarding case management of difficult cases. (More)
INTRODUCTION A valid and reliable self-administered scale to measure multidimensional aspects of female sexual function is needed in Japan, as sexual dysfunction is quite common in Japanese women. AIM The aim of this paper is to develop a Japanese translation of the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI-J), 3-month version, and to measure its psychometric(More)