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Sensitive probing of temperature variations on nanometre scales is an outstanding challenge in many areas of modern science and technology. In particular, a thermometer capable of subdegree temperature resolution over a large range of temperatures as well as integration within a living system could provide a powerful new tool in many areas of biological,(More)
We demonstrate an all-optical method for magnetic sensing of individual molecules in ambient conditions at room temperature. Our approach is based on shallow nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers near the surface of a diamond crystal, which we use to detect single paramagnetic molecules covalently attached to the diamond surface. The manipulation and readout of the(More)
LIBRARIES T} i7-ABSTRACT Supercritical water (SCW) which exists beyond the critical point (Tc=647.2K, Pc=221bar) is an innovative solvent to dissolve organic material. Many applications of this new solvent such as oxidation of organic wastes and separation of metals have been researched; however, the properties of SCW have not sufficiently been understood(More)
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