Miwa Yashima Matsushima

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We present the results of a benchmark study for a convection-driven magnetohydrodynamic dynamo problem in a rotating spherical shell. The solutions are stationary aside from azimuthal drift. One case of non-magnetic convection and two dynamos that differ in the assumptions concerning the inner core are studied. Six groups contributed numerical solutions(More)
Canada bluejoint grass is a strong competitor for water and N against young white spruce trees in regenerating boreal forests in moist habitats. We investigated foliar δ13C and δ15N responses of white spruce to understory removal and N fertilization to infer treatment effects on soil water and N dynamics. An experiment with understory removal and N(More)
Soil acidification is known to be one of the constraints of tree growth; however, it is unclear how it affects tree growth at photosynthesis level (i.e., through affecting stomatal conductance vs. carboxylation rate) during the growth of trees. This paper studied the effects of soil acidification on Pinus densiflora foliar chemistry and tree ring C isotope(More)
Only limited information is available in the research area on the effect of elevated CO2 concentration ([CO2]) and air temperature (Tair) on the fertilizer N uptake by rice. This study was conducted to investigate changes in rice uptake of N derived from fertilizer (NDFF) and soil (NDFS) as well as fertilizer N uptake efficiency (FUE) with elevated [CO2](More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the cumulative net free-living nitrogen (N) fixation and its response to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in the submerged surface of paddy soil. The study site was an actual paddy area in central Japan that was equipped with a free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) facility and was composed of four bays, where each(More)
Macroscopic and microscopic uniformity in 4-inch InP substrates has been significantly improved by new developments in SEI's Vertical Boat (VB) technique. In this paper, we report improvements, in etch-pit density (EPD) distribution, micro-resistivity profiles, and photoluminescence (intensity and 4.2K spectra), for 4-inch InP VB in comparison to both VCZ(More)
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