Mituru Takanami

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  • M Nakamura, M Yamada, Y Hirota, K Sugimoto, A Oka, M Takanami
  • 1981
We have subcloned the asnA gene of E. coli K-12, a gene coding for asparagine synthetase, from a previously cloned 6 mega-dalton segment of E. coli chromosome containing the DNA replication origin, ori, and asnA. The complete nucleotide sequence of the asnA gene was determined: the region of the structural gene extends 990 base-pairs at nucleotide positions(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the transforming Hind III-G fragment of Ad12 DNA which encompasses the left 6.8% of the genome has been determined. The fragment was 2320 nucleotides long, and contained a GC cluster at positions 126-155 and a region extremely rich in AT at positions 1098-1142 (number from the leftmost end). Possible coding regions for the two(More)
The nucleotide sequence of a 2248 bp portion of the plasmid mini-F has been determined. This region includes the replication origin and all of the plasmid-coded information required for replication. The same region is also capable of expressing incompatibility. A striking feature of the sequence is the presence of nine 19-bp repeating units. Four of these(More)
The nucleotide sequence in the promoter region for the coat protein gene of phage fd has been determined. This sequence contains an endonuclease R-Hha cleavage site at the fifteenth nucleotide upstream from the RNA start site. Cleavage results in loss of promoter function. Comparison with the sequence of another fd promoter indicates that the longest(More)
We have succeeded the targeted cleavage of chromosomes by lambda terminase that introduces double-strand cleavages in DNA recognizing the lambda cos sequence. When chromosomal DNAs of various Escherichia coli K-12 strains were subjected to terminase digestion, all were found to contain two common cleavage sites. Therefore, DNAs from lambda lysogens in which(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the RNA polymerase binding site at a promotor on fd RF DNA has been determined in comparison with the starting sequence of RNA initiated at this promoter. The RNA polymerase binding site contained the startpoint of transcription in the centre and a region with twofold symmetry in the non-transcribed part.
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