Mituru Simizu

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Effects of similarity in colour, luminance, size, and shape on apparent motion and perceptual grouping were examined in part 1 in two parallel experiments on the same seven subjects. In both experiments, the effect of similarity was compared with that of proximity in competitive, bistable stimulus situations. A combination of a larger horizontal separation(More)
A method for identification of fish species using three different mitochondrial DNA regions, 16S rRNA, cytochrome b and cytochrome c gene fragments, was investigated. The combined use of all three regions enabled reliable species identification in not only raw fish, but also dried, seasoned and boiled fish, products. Furthermore, the method was applicable(More)
In developing a portable DCC (digital compact cassette) system, electrical and mechanical improvements were introduced in order to enhance resistance to shock and to rolling, while preserving portability and light weight. The control frequency range of the motor was widened, mainly through the use of a newly developed motor and servo processor, to enhance(More)
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