Mituko Fukuda

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We have recently identified a novel collectin, CL-K1, that may play a role in innate immunity as a member of the collectin family. In this study using mice, we investigated the tissue distribution of CL-K1 for better understanding of its pathophysiological relevance. Real-time PCR analyses demonstrated that CL-K1 mRNA was expressed in all tissues tested.(More)
We investigated the expression of the immunoglobulin superfamily cell adhesion molecule, C-CAM, in developing and mature rat placenta. By immunohistochemical staining at the light microscopic level, no C-CAM-expression was seen before Day 9 of gestation, when it appeared in the trophoblasts of ectoplacental cones. On Day 10.5, spongiotrophoblasts and(More)
  • Mituko Fukuda
  • The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry…
  • 1983
Methods for combined cytofluorometric determinations of nuclear DNA plus other parameters (proteins, enzyme activity, or immunoreactive substances) are reported. DNA measurement was performed on an autoradiograph of Feulgen-stained fetal mouse hepatocytes. In order to facilitate the multiparametric measurements and data processing, a fluorescence(More)
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