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Environmental Protection Agency, dated June 6, 2003. DEP understands that this monumental document represents the culmination of five years of intensive and comprehensive fieldwork, and thoughtful and detailed debate and deliberation by a dedicated work group. Overall, DEP concurs with the methodologies employed and the conclusions reached in the risk(More)
Establishing a reliable electronic delivery process for student assignments is challenging in an Internet-dependent environment The most common method for electronic delivery is e-mail which frequently is vulnerable to malicious attack. In large academic institutions such an attack commonly results in delays of days until stability is restored.(More)
Dear Interested Readers, This report represents results from the laboratory portion of a project by the Division of Marine Fisheries and the Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen's Association to test the durability of different brands of sinking groundline. A line-testing machine was developed specifically for this project to simulate wear over time. While our(More)
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