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In contrast to the ultrasonic measurement of fetal heart motion, the fetal electrocardiogram (ECG) provides clinically significant information concerning the electrophysiological state of a fetus. In this paper, a novel method for extracting the fetal ECG from abdominal composite signals is proposed. This method consists of the cancellation of the mother's(More)
The mesencephalic reticular formation (MRF) neurons are regarded as contributing to the activation of the cerebral cortex. We have investigated the statistical characteristics of the single neuronal activity in the MRF of cat during two activated states: paradoxical sleep (PS) and state in which the animal is watching birds (BW). 1/f-like spectra are(More)
The present study examined the correlations between the dynamics of hippocampal theta waves and pontine waves (P waves) and rapid eye movements (REMs) densities during REM sleep. Theta wave peak frequency and theta amplitude were estimated as the parameters of theta wave dynamics in each 3s segment. The peak frequency and theta amplitude were positively(More)
Sweat glands with a higher capacity for both sweat secretion and sodium reabsorption would contribute more effectively to thermoregulation, with less tendency to cause sodium depletion. The rate at which sweat glands reabsorb sodium and chloride does not increase proportionally as the rate of sweating increases, so that [Na + ] and [Cl – ] in sweat sampled(More)
The study demonstrated that ponto-geniculo-occipital (PGO) waves are phase-locked with hippocampal theta-waves during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. A possible mechanism for influencing a PGO wave generator by hippocampal theta-waves was hypothesized. The generator is known to receive afferent inputs such as auditory input. To test this hypothesis, the(More)
In transmeridian flights, photic and nonphotic entrainment mechanisms are expected to interact dynamically in the human circadian system. In order to simulate the reentrainment process of the circadian rhythms, the photic entrainment mechanism was introduced to our previous model, which consisted of three coupled oscillators. Regardless of flight direction,(More)
We investigated the temporal relationship between hippocampal theta waves (referred to as 'theta waves') and ponto-geniculo-occipital (PGO) waves in cats. We measured the time intervals between an occurrence of a PGO wave and the prior and posterior adjacent positive peaks of the theta wave. The unimodal distributions of these intervals suggested a close(More)
From the accumulated results, we hypothesize that neurons in the central processor systems of the brain generally exhibit a common state-dependency in slow dynamics of their spontaneous activities during sleep. In this paper, activities of relay cells in the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) were studied to see if our hypothesis can be applied in this(More)
Rett syndrome, an X-linked neurodevelopmental disorder, is a major cause of mental retardation in females. Recent genetic analyses have revealed that mutations in the methyl-CpG-binding protein gene encoding MeCP2 are associated with Rett syndrome. In this study, we used transient expression systems to investigate the functional significance of mutations(More)
MBD1 is a mammalian protein that binds symmetrically methylated CpG sequences and regulates gene expression in association with DNA methylation. This protein possesses a conserved sequence, named methyl-CpG binding domain (MBD), among a family of methyl-CpG binding proteins that mediate the biological consequences of the methylation. In addition, MBD1 has(More)