Mitsuyoshi Nakamura

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The analysis of anxiolytic drugs, including barbiturates and benzodiazepines, by CE with bare and coated capillaries was investigated. Two types of CE modes, capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) and micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) were employed for the separation of the solutes. Charged, structurally similar compounds exemplified by hypnotic(More)
In order to provide a detailed estimate of radiative heat transfer between a human body and its surrounding environment, we have developed a geometric model of a human form and an algorithm. The model closely resembles the actual shape of a human body and is composed of small quadrilateral surfaces. Dealing with an object or a space with an arbitrary shape,(More)
A new procedure has been developed at INFN Frascati Laboratory in order to achieve a very high Hydrogen or Deuterium electrolytic loading into a long and thin Palladium wire. This technique consists in the addition of a very small amount of alkaline–earth elements into a very diluted acidic solution. Because of enhancing pH values around the cathode, during(More)
The band saw blade vibration under non-moving and moving conditions has been experimentally studied for band saw blades unfitted with saw tension and back crown, fitted only with saw tension, and only with back crown. The lateral natural frequency of a band saw blade was found to decrease by fitting saw tension in a saw blade, but there was little or no(More)
We argue the behavior of Poynting flux-dominated outflows from AGN in the galactic cluster systems by performing three-dimensional MHD simulations within the framework of the ”magnetic tower” model. Of particular interests are the structure of MHD waves, the cylindrical radial force balance, the (de)collimation, and the stability properties of magnetic(More)